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Multi-Family Development


Multi-Family Development

At the beginning of 2022, this project was approved by the ADP-Advisory Design Panel, receiving an “A” rating, validating the full support of the design.

Located on King George Boulevard in South Surrey. On 24 Avenue between 156 Street and 157 Street, this area is considered a sector of interest due to its real estate growth.

This multi-family residential development of 69,847.80 Sq.Ft. consists of 77 units, between 65 apartment units and 12 townhouse units.

“The overall design of the project in all three buildings seems great; building forms and characters are not too simple nor too busy. Commend applicant for a very wise and thoughtful design. The project design responds well to the neighbours in context.”

Advisory Design Panel

The apartment building will have 5 levels, of which the first two levels of the building are defined by its L-shaped roof over the units with an exposed wood soffit that continues to the vertical fin next to the entrance hall.

In addition to that construction, mass is broken rhythmically by clearly articulated vertical cantilevers alternate with deeply recessed balconies creating a dynamic yet balanced façade that complements and emphasizes the main entrance as a central element of the building’s architectural composition.

Entrance porches for the ground floor units help break down the mass of the building further by introducing an additional layer of scale, surface texture, and detail.

The construction elements of the project vary in their proportions and the use of voids and projections in combination with the contrast between glass and solid surfaces, as well as carefully applied colours and materials, allowed to create a rich, contemporary and sophisticated building design, which contributes to the diverse aesthetic and cultural context of the neighbourhood.

As for the semi-detached houses, the units will have a living room and kitchen on the first floor followed by two bedrooms on the second floor and the master bedroom on the third floor. Each house follows a different colour scheme but with consistent materials and colours and is in line with the apartment building to the north.

There is a good effort on a “townhouse-entry look” and compliments the scale of the project.

Advisory design panel

The proposed development consists of major components including underground parking, interior amenities, electrical and mechanical rooms, elevator, garbage, and recycling facility, and bicycle storage in the underground parking lot.

On the other hand, it has open spaces with excellent sun exposure between buildings and green buffers for enough outdoor amenity space including a covered seating area, BBQ area, play area, modular living space, lawn open, and community garden with multipurpose areas in between and landscaped spaces.